AI Sales Revolution

Empowering Sales Enablement with AI
Live webinar: Thursday, 6th July 2023 at 5:00 PM CET
Bowen Moody
CEO & Co-Founder,
Irene Betist
Head of Revenue Enablement,
Malvina EL-Sayegh
Director, Sales Enablement
What you'll learn:
​✅ The Role of AI in Sales Enablement: Exploring its Benefits

✅ Enhancing Sales Enablement Strategies with AI-driven Tools

✅ Challenges in Implementing AI for Sales Enablement

​✅ Future Trends in AI for Sales Enablement: What to Expect

✅ Q&A Session: Ask the Experts
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Bowen Moody

Bowen is the CEO & Co-Founder of Wonderway, a sales training and coaching platform. In May 2023 Wonderway launched Coach, the world’s first AI coach for sales calls.
Bowen’s mission is to help companies set up their salespeople for success through better training.
Bowen is sick of seeing the way that most companies treat their sales reps: hiring double the people they need, dropping them in the deep end, and firing those that don’t work it out in time. 

Irene Betist

🚀 Revenue/Sales Enablement professional with 6+ years of experience in a tech SaaS scale-up driving up the efficiency and effectiveness of commercial teams by connecting people, technology, and strategy. Irene ispassionate about finding creative and holistic solutions, as well as helping and teaching others.

Malvina EL-Sayegh

2023 Winner - Women Making an Impact in Enablement SE Pro 2022 | Voted One to Watch 2022 & 2023 Sales Enablement 🏅 | Podcast Host 🎙️ | Coffee Addict ☕ | Director, Sales Enablement @Reachdesk