AI Sales Revolution
Podcast by Bowen Moody,
CEO & Co-Founder | Wonderway
Brace yourself for this “AI ride” with Bowen Moody where he uncovers the impact of AI in sales! He will unveil the secrets to efficiency, productivity, and revenue growth, leveraging data to provide insights, automating tasks, and taking sales to the next level. Tune in and discover how to leverage this AI Sales Revolution in your favor!


Episode 6
John Barrows & AI Sales Labs and Power Hours
In this week’s episode, Bowen interviews John Barrows about the transformative impact of AI in sales due to evolving customer expectations. He suggests creating "sales labs" to empower employees to experiment with AI tools and advocates for structured "power hours" to drive AI adoption across generations. AI offers immense potential in sales by improving core processes while maintaining a balance with human involvement.
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Episode 5
Richard Harris & the evolving relationship between sales professionals and technology
In this week’s episode, Bowen and Richard discuss the implications of AI technology in sales coaching and management. They delve into the growing trust in AI feedback tools like Wonderway Coach, highlighting how initial skepticism turns into reliance due to the accuracy of AI-driven insights. Richard points out that many individuals harbor fears about AI replacing their jobs, which he attributes more to the current economic climate than the rise of AI itself. The podcast underscores the evolving relationship between sales professionals and technology and calls for a balance between automation and human touch.
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Episode 4
Thibaut Souyris & his favorite virtual assistant, ChatGPT
In this week’s episode, Thibaut discusses his experience with ChatGPT as a virtual assistant. It helps him with tasks like content summarization, idea brainstorming, and email rewriting, but he warns the audience that it may not be as life-changing or job-replacing as expected. In a nutshell, the successful utilization of AI heavily relies on comprehending the specific use case.
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Episode 3
Alexander Low & the Authenticity VS Automation Dilemma
In this week’s episode, Bowen and Alexander Low discuss AI's role in knowledge work, highlighting tools like and ChatGPT. They explore authenticity in social selling, caution against automation reliance, and AI's impact on content quality. Learn how AI enhances training and coaching processes, emphasizing human intervention, behavioral change, and adaptability to individual preferences and work styles.
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Episode 2
Kevin Gaither & the importance of real-time feedback
In today's episode, Bowen interviews Kevin Gaither, a sales leader and founder of, about using AI in sales coaching. They discuss leveraging AI tools for coaching sales reps and the importance of real-time feedback. They also explore the challenges of these coaching tools and the need for flexibility and trust in the sales process.
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Episode 1
Jen Allen-Knuth & the use of generative AI for email efficiency
In this episode, Bowen and Jen discuss AI in sales, Lavender's use of generative AI for email efficiency, and the importance of human intervention. They explore Lavender's approach to optimizing email content and the role of AI in sales training. Achieving the perfect balance involves leveraging AI to identify breakpoints and offer coaching suggestions while also incorporating human managers for personalized intervention.
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