AI Sales Revolution
Podcast by Bowen Moody,
CEO & Co-Founder | Wonderway
Brace yourself for this “AI ride” with Bowen Moody where he uncovers the impact of AI in sales! He will unveil the secrets to efficiency, productivity, and revenue growth, leveraging data to provide insights, automating tasks, and taking sales to the next level. Tune in and discover how to leverage this AI Sales Revolution in your favor!


Episode 23
Stuart Moss & the strategic approach for AI adoption
In this episode, Bowen interviews Stuart Moss, Director of RevOps, Sales Dev, and Pre-Sales at Dealfront. Stuart discusses the AI applications in sales, emphasizing prioritization, social selling, and CI tools for coaching. He also highlights the need for a strategic approach to AI adoption, acknowledging its potential to revolutionize the industry. Listen to the episode to learn more about AI's impact on the broader sales landscape.
Episode 22
Gen Ukaj & the evolution of the AI avatars
This week’s guest, Gen Ukaj, explains how their technology is used for training, particularly in global organizations, and delves into the emerging use of AI avatars in sales prospecting, highlighting the potential for scalable and personalized outreach. Tune in to this episode to learn more about the evolution of AI avatars, their impact on various industries, and the challenges and opportunities they present for sales teams.
Episode 21
Hakob Sharabkhanyan & AI for internal operations and projects
In this episode, Hakob shares insights into using AI for internal operations and projects, highlighting the importance of personalized messaging in sales. Bowen and Hakob discuss the use of AI for specific projects, such as automating ad campaign decisions and improving lead follow-ups. In addition to that, Hakob foresees AI’s potential to analyze accents and enhance call quality. Join this week’s episode of the AI Sales Revolution!
Episode 20
Jeremy Donovan & the AI skepticism
This week, Jeremy Donovan expresses skepticism about the effectiveness of AI in sales, particularly in email outreach. Bowen and Jeremy discuss challenges such as formulaic AI-generated emails leading to lower response rates. On the other hand, opportunities in coaching tools are explored. Last but not least, Jeremy also emphasizes the importance of genuine communication while selling. Tune in to learn more!
Episode 19
Jérémy Grandillon & AI the assistant, not the replacement
In today’s episode, Jérémy shares his AI journey and its impact on sales. Both discuss using AI tools for prospecting, personalization, and sequences. Emphasizing AI as an assistant, not a replacement, Bowen and Jeremy recommend combining human input with AI suggestions. They also explore the limitations of coaching tools and AI's potential for personalized coaching. Learn more about it in this week’s episode!
Episode 18
John Humphrey & the introverted sales reps who use AI
In this episode, Bowen and John Humphrey discuss the evolving nature of sales in a changing world. John focuses on training introverted knowledge workers in technology or science-driven services to excel in sales through networking, content creation, and a deliberate sales process. He also believes that while AI can enhance efficiency, the human element of empathy, connection, and trust remains crucial in sales coaching. Join their conversation on today’s episode!
Episode 17
Sonia Dumas & the AI-driven content creation process
In this week’s episode, Bowen chats with Sonia Dumas about AI tools that aim to accelerate sales by making content addictive, fostering trust, and guiding users to understand their ICPs. Sonia emphasizes simplifying AI usage for non-developers, leveraging YouTube for learning and highlighting the importance of human input in the AI-driven content creation process. Make sure you tune in to this new AI Sales Revolution episode!
Episode 16
Collin Mitchell & the application of AI in many business functions
This week, Bowen’s guest, Collin Mitchell, provided useful insights into how AI is being used in the sales and marketing space: from using AI for personalized and efficient outreach in B2B sales, podcast production, and content management on platforms like LinkedIn and newsletters. Join this episode and learn how to leverage AI tools to enhance effectiveness in various business functions.
Episode 15
Tim Riesterer & the AI’s impact on buyer behavior
In today’s episode, Tim Riesterer emphasizes the need for sales training to evolve with AI advancements. He discusses AI's potential impact on buyer behavior, predicting increased use in vendor analysis and decision-making. Tim envisions AI aiding sellers in creating efficient plans, enhancing simulations for practice, and offering feedback on real calls. Learn more about the importance of refining research to stay ahead of AI in this episode!
Episode 14
Meshell Baker & the role of AI to democratize access to training
Meshell Baker is this week’s guest speaker and she talks about the integration of AI into sales coaching and training. She emphasizes the positive impact of AI tools, particularly in helping sales managers assess skills and track leads more efficiently. The conversation also explores the psychological aspects of selling, including the emotional challenges faced by sellers. Tune in to learn how embracing AI is crucial for success in sales.
Episode 13
Doug Landis & the transformative impact of AI on GTM strategies
In this insightful episode, Doug Landis discusses the transformative impact of AI on go-to-market strategies, emphasizing the challenges and opportunities in scaling businesses. Bowen and Doug highlight the strategic investment in AI, particularly coaching networks, stress the importance of context in AI applications, and explore trends in proprietary large language models. The episode offers a comprehensive exploration of AI's dynamic intersection with business, covering historical context, challenges, and emerging trends.
Episode 12
Steve Richard & his journey through Conversational Intelligence
In this episode, Bowen and Steve Richard explore the evolution of conversation intelligence tools in sales. The guest highlights AI's pivotal role in analyzing vast call data for enhanced sales performance, mentions real-time intelligence trends, and discusses future developments. Challenges, including automating complex tasks and tech consolidation, are also explored. Join the conversation and discover actionable steps for achieving significant results.
Episode 11
Mark Kosoglow & the AI's Role in Sales Strategy and Coaching
Bowen's recent podcast episode features Mark Kosoglow, discussing the transformative impact of AI on sales strategy and coaching. Mark emphasizes the strategic implementation of AI in the sales process, aiming for a unified customer journey. He shares insights into his hands-on exploration of AI tools, expresses skepticism about current tools, and stresses the importance of waiting for the second wave of innovative technologies.
Episode 10
Scott Leese & the Sales Reaper, an AI-driven training course
In this episode, Bowen invites Scott Leese to introduce "The Sales Reaper," his innovative AI-driven training course presented as an arcade-style game. The discussion explores AI's role in personalized coaching, skill development, and the potential shift in sales dynamics. Scott also offers a cautionary outlook on AI's long-term impact, urging professionals to diversify their skills for an evolving sales landscape.
Episode 9
Angeley Mullins & the role of strategic thinking while using AI
In this episode, Bowen and Angeley discuss how AI is impacting the sales industry as a whole. She mentions how AI tools make her job more effective for tasks like copywriting and content creation, and they also explore the automation of sales processes and the potential changes in job roles. Recognizing the importance of strategic and creative thinking is essential to understand that AI cannot replace human strategists and creatives.
Episode 8
Dominic Klingberg & the valuable sales insights delivered by AI
This week, Bowen invited Dominic Klingberg to discuss AI's impact on the sales industry, emphasizing its use in sales insights and data. He predicts that while some roles may evolve, the need for salespeople, especially in complex interactions, will persist. Dominic also suggests that tools like chatbots becoming more sophisticated and customizable to individual preferences.
Episode 7
Andrew Hahn & the personalized guidance that AI can provide
In this episode, Bowen speaks to Andrew Hahn about the changing landscape of outbound sales as buyers become more independent in their research. Andrew predicts that AI will transform personalized learning within the next five years, providing customized content and guidance to improve performance across different sectors. This shift away from traditional methods will cater to individual learning needs.
Episode 6
John Barrows & AI Sales Labs and Power Hours
In this week’s episode, Bowen interviews John Barrows about the transformative impact of AI in sales due to evolving customer expectations. He suggests creating "sales labs" to empower employees to experiment with AI tools and advocates for structured "power hours" to drive AI adoption across generations. AI offers immense potential in sales by improving core processes while maintaining a balance with human involvement.
Episode 5
Richard Harris & the evolving relationship between sales professionals and technology
In this week’s episode, Bowen and Richard discuss the implications of AI technology in sales coaching and management. They delve into the growing trust in AI feedback tools like Wonderway Coach, highlighting how initial skepticism turns into reliance due to the accuracy of AI-driven insights. Richard points out that many individuals harbor fears about AI replacing their jobs, which he attributes more to the current economic climate than the rise of AI itself. The podcast underscores the evolving relationship between sales professionals and technology and calls for a balance between automation and human touch.
Episode 4
Thibaut Souyris & his favorite virtual assistant, ChatGPT
In this week’s episode, Thibaut discusses his experience with ChatGPT as a virtual assistant. It helps him with tasks like content summarization, idea brainstorming, and email rewriting, but he warns the audience that it may not be as life-changing or job-replacing as expected. In a nutshell, the successful utilization of AI heavily relies on comprehending the specific use case.
Episode 3
Alexander Low & the Authenticity VS Automation Dilemma
In this week’s episode, Bowen and Alexander Low discuss AI's role in knowledge work, highlighting tools like and ChatGPT. They explore authenticity in social selling, caution against automation reliance, and AI's impact on content quality. Learn how AI enhances training and coaching processes, emphasizing human intervention, behavioral change, and adaptability to individual preferences and work styles.
Episode 2
Kevin Gaither & the importance of real-time feedback
In today's episode, Bowen interviews Kevin Gaither, a sales leader and founder of, about using AI in sales coaching. They discuss leveraging AI tools for coaching sales reps and the importance of real-time feedback. They also explore the challenges of these coaching tools and the need for flexibility and trust in the sales process.
Episode 1
Jen Allen-Knuth & the use of generative AI for email efficiency
In this episode, Bowen and Jen discuss AI in sales, Lavender's use of generative AI for email efficiency, and the importance of human intervention. They explore Lavender's approach to optimizing email content and the role of AI in sales training. Achieving the perfect balance involves leveraging AI to identify breakpoints and offer coaching suggestions while also incorporating human managers for personalized intervention.

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