Sales Upskilling

The easiest way to boost conversion rates at each stage of your sales funnel

Deliver the right training, to the right person at the right time to boost win rates and efficiency.

“Wonderway helped us improve close rates by 40%”

David Anderson, Head of Sales at Babbel for Business

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How it works

Identify performance gaps in your team quickly

Leverage machine learning to quickly identify who needs help with what before it becomes a problem. Bring all performance data into one place to understand quota attainment, conversion rates and skill gaps. See strengths and weaknesses for each rep and what separates your top performers.

CRm integration

Instant connection to your CRM allows you to see the strengths and weaknesses of each rep.

180° Feedback

Employees & managers review where they need to improve

Targeted training programs for every rep in your team

Wonderway automatically recommends the best training for each sales rep based on their individual strengths and weaknesses. See which skills are needed to replicate best practices from your top performers that will have the biggest impact on conversion rates and revenue.

Best content

Make every detail perfect & limit the number of details.

Time saving tasks

Make every detail perfect & limit the number of details.

Personalised recommendations

Individual training programs for each rep in your team

coAching super powers

Save hours each week preparing and following up on 1:1s

Targeted sales training programs

World-class training programs that help reps close deals they are working on right now

Wonderway See the impact on revenue dashboard

Off-the-shelf training programs

Content from the best sales trainers in the tech industry. Designed for AEs & SDRs. All programs can be customised to fit your product and industry.

Wonderway sales training platform. Get personalized training programs for every sales rep

Apply to real deals in your pipeline

Sales reps apply the training to real deals in their pipeline. See immediate results when they unplug stuck deals and increase conversion rates.

Wonderway dashboard and interface: save hours of time each week

Proven to increase conversion rates and revenue

We predict and measure the impact of training on conversion rates using data from your CRM.

Wonderway dashboard quickly identify areas of need

Save hours of time each week

All the data at your fingertips. Pre-built training programs and templates save managers hours of time each week.

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See the impact on revenue over time

Know what works and what can be improved. See how your reps quota attainment, conversion rates and skills improve over time as a result of the training. Continuously optimise your teams efficiency.

Best content

Make every detail perfect & limit the number of details.

Time saving tasks

Make every detail perfect & limit the number of details.

increase rep efficiency

Get more out of every rep in your team

increase team efficiency

Build a high performing team

Data sources
Training programs
Key sales skills
Sales trainers
& content sources

One place to develop your sales team

Unlock peak sales performance to make every deal count

Loved by remote sales teams

Steffen Stoltmann

Sales Director

“We reduced ramp time by 25% by repeating key parts of the training using Wonderway’s assessments and skills certifications.”

Jonny Fianu

Head of Revenue Operations
Comply Advantage

“Wonderway is easy to set up & configure. It also comes with a skills library out of the box. When you combine this the competitive pricing & stellar customer service we were blown away by the value and are excited to select Wonderway to support our learning initiatives! ”

Moritz Sander

Sales Strategy & Operations
Urban Sports Club

“We operate in 5 different countries and we had 5 different ways of training our sales team. Wonderway helped us standardise training to get more consistent results.”

Andrea Ratzenberger

VP of Sales & Marketing

“We have been very satisfied with Wonderway. The way how they have conceived their training programs suit our process nicely and it is easy to use. On top they offer additional training courses to complement our internal ones. To conclude very reactive and helpful service.”

Jessica Keen

Head of Sales EMEA

“Great business and neat product for sales enablement. Really positive experience working with the Wonderway team and great feedback from the sales team.”