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Sales Podcast by Mafalda Johannsen, BD Director | Wonderway
We all know the famous 7 Deadly Sins, but have you heard about the 3 Sales Training “d(r)eadly” sins? In this podcast series, Mafalda Johannsen asks sales experts to share 3 sales training mistakes they have seen or experienced throughout their careers. With these fun and lively conversations, we hope to help the sales community deliver more effective training.
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Episode 1
James Saywhatsales Buckley D(r)eadly Sins
Think twice before you buy James some whiskey and only challenge him to a pool match if you’re really (like REALLY) good at it! What does he think about most 1:1 sessions? Well, using his exact words, “they suck”. Find out why on today’s episode!
James Buckley - Host & Sales Content Creator at Sell Better by JB Sales LN→
Episode 2
Richard Harris D(r)eadly Sins
Did you know that Richard has a very interesting connection to the number 7? And that he’s SO impatient he wouldn’t even listen to a voicemail from his wife for 30 seconds? He also thinks that sales managers are way too overwhelmed with silly tasks. Find out more on today’s episode!
Richard Harris - Founder and CEO at The Harris Consulting Group LN→
Episode 3
Mattia Schaper D(r)eadly Sins
Episode coming live 30 Mar 2023
If it wasn’t for Covid19, Mattia would have probably founded SDRs of China, instead of SDRs of Germany where she learned that, when you train adults, you need to focus on the “WHY”. Why is that? (Pun intended!) Find out the answer in today’s episode.
Bonus tip: Please be fast if you ever find yourself in the situation of sharing your screen with Mattia!
Mattia Schaper - Co-Founder at SDRs of Germany LN→
Episode 4
Steve Schmidt D(r)eadly Sins
Episode coming live 5 Apr 2023
Steve Schmidt - Head of Commercial Revenue at LN→

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