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Sales Podcast by Mafalda Johannsen, BD Director | Wonderway
We all know the famous 7 Deadly Sins, but have you heard about the 3 Sales Training “d(r)eadly” sins? In this podcast series, Mafalda Johannsen asks sales experts to share 3 sales training mistakes they have seen or experienced throughout their careers. With these fun and lively conversations, we hope to help the sales community deliver more effective training.
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Episode 1
James Saywhatsales Buckley D(r)eadly Sins
Think twice before you buy James some whiskey and only challenge him to a pool match if you’re really (like REALLY) good at it! What does he think about most 1:1 sessions? Well, using his exact words, “they suck”. Find out why on today’s episode!
James Buckley - Host & Sales Content Creator at Sell Better by JB Sales LN→
Episode 2
Richard Harris D(r)eadly Sins
Did you know that Richard has a very interesting connection to the number 7? And that he’s SO impatient he wouldn’t even listen to a voicemail from his wife for 30 seconds? He also thinks that sales managers are way too overwhelmed with silly tasks. Find out more on today’s episode!
Richard Harris - Founder and CEO at The Harris Consulting Group LN→
Episode 3
Mattia Schaper D(r)eadly Sins
If it wasn’t for Covid19, Mattia would have probably founded SDRs of China, instead of SDRs of Germany where she learned that, when you train adults, you need to focus on the “WHY”. Why is that? (Pun intended!) Find out the answer in today’s episode.
Bonus tip: Please be fast if you ever find yourself in the situation of sharing your screen with Mattia!
Mattia Schaper - Co-Founder at SDRs of Germany LN→
Episode 4
Steve Schmidt D(r)eadly Sins
“A metal band singer with long hair, a tattoo in the middle of the back, seven earrings, and one pierced eyebrow who should have opened a Limp Bizkit concert” is not the description of Steven that you would expect. Metal music aside, he believes that what works for you in sales might not work for everybody, and we need to be aware of it. Find out more on today’s episode!
Steve Schmidt - Head of Commercial Revenue at LN→
Episode 5
Malvina EL-Sayegh D(r)eadly Sins
Having a good handbag is SO important for Malvina that she even shouted Mafalda’s partner's name in the middle of the podcast so that he would buy her a new purse! In terms of sales training, “enablement is the aunts and uncles, and we need the parents (sales leaders) to reinforce the training”. Find out more about this “family dynamic” on today’s episode!
Malvina EL-Sayegh - 2023 Winner - Women Making an Impact in Enablement SE Pro 2022, Director, Sales Enablement at Reachdesk LN→
Episode 6
Thibaut Souyris D(r)eadly Sins
Can I give you some advice? If you ever invite Thibaut for a barbeque, make sure you have wood instead of coal - you’ll thank me later! On another note, Thibaut is a sales trainer with a unique approach: he avoids cold calling but thrives when challenged by sales reps. Learn more about his training style in today's episode!
Thibaut Souyris - CEO & Founder, SalesLabs LN→
Episode 7
Alli Rizacos D(r)eadly Sins
If you’re looking for Alli on Instagram or any other social media besides LinkedIn, sorry to break it to you, but she's not there. Did you ghost her in the past? She’s silently judging you right now. One of Alli’s favorite sales exercises is going to a coffee shop and pretending she forgot her wallet. Tune in to today's episode to learn more about this hilarious exercise!
Alli Rizakos - Go-To Imposter Syndrome Coach for high-achievers in tech sales LN→
Episode 8
Alex Newmann D(r)eadly Sins
Looking for some alpaca advice? Alex is your man! Just don't get too close to his truck, please. And as for his musical talents, let's just say he's better off sticking to sales. In fact, don't get him started on the whole HR orientation thing: the first days at a new job should be all about practice and getting excited about the role. How? Join us in today’s episode to find out!
Alex Newmann - Founder & CEO, Newmann Consulting Group LN→
Episode 9
Helena Klaus D(r)eadly Sins
Action movies are Helena's go-to method of relaxation, but her enjoyment quickly dissipates when the characters fail to communicate effectively. In these moments, she turns to indulge in high-quality peanut butter to soothe her annoyance. Sales training wise, she talks about the “Choke Principle”. Find out what that is in today’s episode!
Helena Klaus - Co-Founder, SDRs of Germany  LN→
Episode 10
Ethan Parker D(r)eadly Sins
Ready to rock your strings concert? Look no further than Ethan: he can play the guitar, the piano, and even the violin! But here's a tip: if you want him to join your concert, don't book him on an early flight with a budget airline, and don’t give him ad hoc training. He’s more of a “micro training & frameworks” kind of person. Learn more about his secret sauce on today’s episode!
Ethan Parker - VP of Sales, Outbound Squad  LN→
Episode 11
Lucia Piseddu D(r)eadly Sins
You know what? You might be unknowingly competing with Lucia right now - especially if you're a tennis enthusiast! So, get ready to witness her competitive beast mode in today’s conversation. At her BD School, she bridges theory and practice to suit diverse learning styles. Learn how to focus on what truly drives results in this week’s episode!
Lucia Piseddu - Founder, The BD School  LN→
Episode 12
Nick Lawrence D(r)eadly Sins
Nick is so cold-weather snobby that he's always fleeing to tropical destinations like Florida, Costa Rica, and Hawaii. He won’t bring any musical instruments on his trips, but who needs 'em when you’re a sales enablement playbook? Yup, he's the one-man band of sales training and enablement. So sit back, relax, and get ready for this 20-minute masterclass!
Nick Lawrence - Curriculum Design Manager, Snowflake  LN→
Episode 13
Steffaney Zohrabyan D(r)eadly Sins
There are only two seasons for Steffaney: Eurovision and Non-Eurovision. She started her career by playing the Witch from Hamlet and now she’s a rock star enabler at Cisco! Just don’t ask her to cook 19 different dishes, and everything will be fine. One question she likes to tackle in enablement is “What data story will we tell?”. Get the answer on today’s episode!
Steffaney Zohrabyan - Sales Enablement Insights & Innovation @Cisco  LN→
Episode 14
Jonas Gesslein D(r)eadly Sins
Imagine strolling into a fancy hotel lounge, where the sweet melodies of Debussy or Bach fill the air. Guess who's playing that piano? Yep, it's Jonas! But please, don’t ruin the moment with your IKEA furniture assembly requests. If you want to know his unpopular opinion on SDR interviews, tune in and uncover Jonas' wild take on today’s episode!
Jonas Gesslein - Outbound Coach LN→
Episode 15
Sara Storm D(r)eadly Sins
Sara fought cancer like a champ, but when it comes to fighting her tendency in serving others, she's still more like an intern in training. Finding her reading a romance novel? That's as unlikely as a 100% reply rate to your emails! Tune in to uncover why women rock in sales training in this inspiring episode!
Sara Storm - VP New Business Sales @ Implema LN→
Episode 16
Richard Lombos D(r)eadly Sins
Richard is all about exposing himself as an actor playing a character who hacks homes, but he draws the line at exposing his child on social media. According to him, training shouldn't be a library collection or a checklist to tick off. Tune in to today's episode and learn how Richard breaks old habits in sales training!
Richard Lombos - Sales Enablement Consultant LN→

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