Automate customer service QA

Get automatic scoring and feedback on every single customer call with Wonderway Coach.

Automates the customer service quality assurance process (QA).
Instantly understand strengths and weaknesses of each agent.
Save costs and reallocate resources to higher impact.
See what top performers do differently.

Experience the
Wonderway Coach difference

OLD World

Traditional QA software

Uses keyword analysis
Doesn’t understand context so QA managers have to listen to calls to review quality
High volume of calls means QA agents can only listen to <5% of calls
Delayed feedback often missing the immediate improvement window
Human quality checks are biased and inconsistent
No way to compare sales reps
Don’t see the big picture
NEW World
Wonderway COACH
Uses large language models
Understands context so call scoring and coaching feedback is automated
Automated analysis of 100% of call, highlighting unique cases
Real-time feedback for instant agent improvement
AI quality checks are objective and consistent
Benchmark performance against others
Shows trends over time
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Close the execution gap

Setup custom scorecards

Setup customer scorecards that reflect your internal processes

Auto-score every single call

Wonderway Coach listens to every single call to fill in scorecards and share real feedback with reps just like a QA manager

See who is following the processes

See how consistently your team is executing on the playbook. Drive alignment across the team by reinforcing your processes with agents on every call.

Instantly understand areas for improvement

Every person is different. Wonderway identifies key areas for improvement for each agent and automatically provides personalised coaching on what they need to do to improve.

See what top performers do differently

Discover what separates your top performers from the rest to update your playbook and replicate key behaviours across the team.

Integrated with your existing tools

We integrate with all diallers, video conferencing, contact center and conversation intelligence tools to help you get more from your calls.

Unlock the power of AI Coach

of call recordings viewed and scored
cost/time saving listening to calls (QA)
playbook adoption
higher sales win rates
higher employee retention

How it works

Seamlessly integrate with calling tools
Automatically score and get feedback on every call
See what’s working and where you need to improve

Frequently Asked Questions

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What dimensions does Wonderway COACH track?
How secure is my data?
How much does it cost?
What languages do you support?

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