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How Wonderway COACH increased Combe Grove’s conversion rates by 39%


Increase in conversion rates

120 calls

Reviewed in minutes


Internships coached at the same time

26 hours

Of work saved per month


Converting a high volume of leads and ensuring quality
Not being able to replicate what top performers' best practices
Not being able to standardize the approach to handling inquiries, provide feedback, and support team members in their roles


Apolitical, unbiased, and timely feedback
Applying the learnings on every call
Monitor, evaluate, review with no effort
Understand trends over time
Learn about common objections and overcome them
Support to convert all the leads from a significant PR opportunity


26 hours saved per month39% increase in Conversion Rates
120 Calls Reviewed in one month
Able to coach 90 internships at the same time
Converted most of the leads from a significant PR opportunity
Improved team confidence and efficiency in handling leads
Realized a significant return on investment within weeks
Enabled personalized and scalable customer interactions

Handling a surge in leads with precision while delivering personalized care and standardized efficiency

Combe Grove, a wellness retreat, had a problem: they had a high number of leads but they were struggling to consistently convert them into paying customers. 

James Clarke (Marketing Manager) and Rebecca Hiscutt (Sales Team Lead) were desperate to find a repeatable process so they didn’t keep burning leads. They could see that one person on the team was closing the leads much more consistently than others but they had no idea what they were doing differently or how to replicate that across the rest of the team.

“We were a victim of our own success because we were generating quite a lot of leads, so we had to increase our capacity, but we were not sure how. Trying to understand the diverse thought processes and needs of potential guests became a significant challenge. ”

James Clark, Marketing Manager, Combe Grove

As a health and wellness business, Combe Grove’s prospects have unique situations. Adapting to each case while still following a proven effective process and structure posed a challenge.

“How can we try and replicate a style or an approach that is universally powerful, universally effective across a number of people? And take these leads and operate in a similar manner? These were the questions we were asking ourselves.”

Rebecca Hiscutt, Sales Team Lead, Combe Grove


AI-driven feedback that empowers reps and boosts team efficiency, proven by real-time insights

Wonderway COACH came at the right time to answer these questions!In the first weeks, Wonderway COACH’s personalized and timely feedback after every sales call helped the reps improve for the next one. As the feedback was provided by AI and not by a human, it was apolitical and unbiased, so the reps didn’t get defensive and took the feedback objectively.

“The beauty of Wonderway COACH is that every stage within it is crafted, providing us with granular and real-time feedback on every call. It provides reassurance and saves us time by offering a clear understanding of our strengths and areas for improvement, giving us a lot more confidence in how we approach expanding our team.”

James Clark, Marketing Manager, Combe Grove

After a couple of calls, it was clear what was working and what wasn’t by keeping track of the progress and seeing how things change over time. It was especially useful after a surge in high-quality leads coming from a significant PR opportunity where they could apply all the learnings gathered from previous calls to make sure they wouldn’t miss any revenue opportunity.

"Using Wonderway during a PR surge was incredible. It gave us the support and confidence to utilize the opportunity, resulting in a significant increase in converting high-quality leads.” - James Clark, Marketing Manager 

“The tool has become an integral part of our workflow, saving us time and empowering our team to be more efficient in handling inquiries. The AI-driven insights and feedback have significantly improved our approach to calls and client interactions." - Rebecca Hiscutt, Sales Team Lead


A 39% uptick in conversion rates within a month

Using Wonderway COACH helped Combe Grove review 120 calls in just a matter of minutes, something that would have been impossible without the help of AI. As it became evident which processes were effective and which ones were not, everyone in the company could start focusing only on the successful approaches, resulting in a 39% increase in conversion rates within a month of launch. Wonderway COACH will also help coach 90 internships at the same time.

“Wonderway is cutting-edge technology that seamlessly integrates with the subjective nature of our business. It's not just a product, it's a supportive partner that listens, provides a machine learning aspect to our personal one-on-one dialogues with potential clients, and responds quickly to our evolving needs”

James Clark, Marketing Manager, Combe Grove

Wonderway COACH will help Combe Grove scale as they grow while adapting to their ever-evolving business needs. 

Unexpected Benefit

An unexpected benefit was the positive impact on team morale and professional development. The platform's objective scoring system offered objective feedback, reducing potential internal conflicts. Additionally, it became a tool for skills development, boosting the confidence of team members who weren't traditional salespeople.

"The unexpected joy was seeing our team members grow in confidence. Wonderway COACH's objective scoring removed personal biases, turning it into a tool for skill development, benefitting not just the business but also our team's professional evolution."

Rebecca Hiscutt, Sales Team Lead, Combe Grove