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How Wonderwerk helped Virtuagym reduce ramp time by 50%


Reduction in ramp-time


Bookings per BDR, per month


Higher employee retention


Reduction in time spent on training


Virtuagym was going to double the number of BDRs on its European team, and needed to upgrade its onboarding program to be more efficient and reduce the ramp-up time for its new hires


An outcome-focused onboarding program in Wonderwerk, supported by just-in-time modular trainings to quickly improve specific skills


50% faster ramp-time
2x more bookings in first month
2x more bookings per BDR per month over the long term due to proper training
80% less time spent training each new hire
70% high employee retention

Updating a 3-week-long onboarding program to help new BDRs start closing faster

Virtuagym, the leading software solution for the fitness industry, serving over 15 million consumers, 5,000+ businesses, and 30,000 trainers across 80 countries, was preparing to double its BDR team under Philip Feldman, its Business Development Manager.

At the time, Virtuagym’s onboarding program consisted of Excel spreadsheets and assignments. In order to set up an onboarding program for a new hire, Feldman would have to manually set up and update a spreadsheet for each new team member. After that, new BDRs would work their way through the spreadsheet, checking off each assignment.

Having gone through the onboarding himself, Feldman knew it wasn’t going to help him support his rapidly growing team as well as he would have liked. What’s more, the existing onboarding setup made it impossible to evaluate his new hires’ progress, provide specific help as needed, or predict their future success.

“There was no tracking long term, you couldn't see if the onboarding program was driving any sort of performance improvement.

We wanted more than that. We wanted to be able to predict whether or not somebody was going to be more successful coming out of their onboarding.”

Philip Feldman, Business Development Manager, Virtuagym

Feldman also wanted his new hires’ first impression of Virtuagym to be as positive as possible.

“One of my main goals was to have a more professional-looking solution

Our onboarding program is the first thing employees engage with, so I wanted to make them feel like they're at a world-class organization right from the get go.”

Philip Feldman, Business Development Manager, Virtuagym


From 3 weeks to 6 work days: new, outcome-focused onboarding program in Wonderwerk

Wonderwerk looked like an ideal solution to make that positive impression on new BDRs, as well as set up the new team members for success.

The first step in moving the onboarding program to Wonderwerk was auditing the existing training and reusing relevant and current content. Virtuagym was able to reuse about 50% of its existing training in the new Wonderwerk onboarding program.

The program was set up to help new BDRs start making calls sooner, replacing the old training with shorter modules that included specific targets new hires needed to hit. The new onboarding program took only 6 work days.

“Essentially, within their first two weeks they will have scheduled their first demo, whereas in the old universe, after their first month, they would only be getting there.

We've also compressed the time it takes to evaluate them, because it's so easy to quickly review your people in Wonderwerk.”

Philip Feldman, Business Development Manager, Virtuagym


2x more demos in half the time, not to mention the employee turnover rate reduced by 70%

After implementing the onboarding training, Virtuagym saw an increase in new BDRs’ productivity.

Moreover, Wonderwerk provided an overview of each BDR’s strengths and weaknesses, so that Feldman could help his team level up with on-demand modules.

Finally, by developing a strong onboarding program, Virtuagym was able to gain an upper hand in hiring and retain more BDRs.

New BDR team members more productive

After Virtuagym launched its Wonderwerk onboarding, new BDRs were able to make much better use of their time:

• Time to first demo booking reduced from 4 weeks to 2 weeks
• 2x demos booked within the first month

Assigning new trainings with Wonderwerk no longer took manual updates. The Excel spreadsheets were a thing of the past.

It takes me about 15 seconds to assign a new hire. Whereas the Excel spreadsheet, I would need to update their information, clean certain information, make sure it's updated. Now, it's a very simple process for us.”

Philip Feldman, Business Development Manager, Virtuagym

Supporting the new hires? Also possible without having to spend a lot of time on diagnosing a specific issue.

Since Wonderwerk integrates with Salesforce, all milestones and KPIs are automatically tracked, from time to first call to time to quote. This means it’s easy to see the business impact of onboarding training on performance. It also means that Feldman can get real-time updates on his team’s successes and pinpoint precisely where new BDRs might need a little more help.

“Everything we do is in Salesforce. Wonderwerk integrates with Salesforce, so all that data is pulled in real time. As soon as my new hires schedule their first demo, Wonderwerk lets me know about it.

I don’t have to log into 18 different spreadsheets to understand where people are making progress

I can see with a couple of clicks where my BDRs are.”

Philip Feldman, Business Development Manager, Virtuagym

This support, along with the information covered in the training, helps BDRs feel more confident in their skills, even if they have no previous business development experience.

“When they're joining Virtuagym, I want the BDRs to feel like they are going to be turned into rock stars.

The first thing that they see from Virtuagym is a very professional-looking onboarding plan that's been well thought out and covers essentially everything they'll need.

That gives them a lot of confidence, so the time to first call and the time to first schedule and the time to their first close have all improved.”

Simon Aurik, CCO & CMO, Virtuagym

Another advantage for Feldman and the training development team: as Virtuagym started implementing new tools, iterating on onboarding program content, and creating additional training modules, Wonderwerk made it easy to keep content consistent.

“For me, what's been really great is having one version of truth. Instead of having to update this Excel spreadsheet, we can very quickly update it for everyone. And then it's just done, and I know that it's consistent for everyone.”

Philip Feldman, Business Development Manager, Virtuagym

Additional productivity improvements: as-needed training modules that can be assigned with a few clicks

After developing the onboarding program, the Virtuagym team realized that Wonderwerk can also be used to deliver additional training modules to help BDRs build specific skills when they need them.

“Once we know where someone may be struggling: with a gatekeeper, or objection handling, or competitors, I don't really need to do anything anymore.

I can quickly pull up a training we've already developed and assign it to that BDR. So we give them that just-in-time training they're really looking for.

And I think that's how we've been able to increase the productivity per BDR over the length of our time working with Wonderwerk.”

Philip Feldman, Business Development Manager, Virtuagym

BDR productivity has been steadily rising over time. Initially, the number of bookings per BDR after completing onboarding was 6 per month. A year later, Feldman’s team got the average number of bookings per BDR to 14 per month, more than doubling it.

An unexpected benefit: getting an edge in hiring and achieving a steep drop in employee turnover

The onboarding program in Wonderwerk and the just-in-time modules for new BDRs also meant that it was easier for Virtuagym to recruit new talent and attract motivated BDRs eager to learn. BDRs now learn about the onboarding and training programs during interviews, and feel certain that they’ll be supported in their professional development. Moreover, it means that Virtuagym trains new hires to follow its process from the start.

“We can teach new hires how to do the job, and teach them our way. It gives us a lot more control over the situation.”

Simon Aurik, CCO & CMO, Virtuagym

This ability to develop BDRs became an additional advantage for talent retention: new hires are now getting the training they need to succeed — and stay with Virtuagym.

“I have BDRs that have been on my team for over a year, when previously we had to replace our BDRs every four or five months.

I think a lot of that has to do with the onboarding, and giving them the right expectations and setting them on the path to success. Wonderwerk really helps with that.

We've probably turned over two or three people due to performance out of 20+ hires that I've made in 2020.”

Philip Feldman, Business Development Manager, Virtuagym

I'm really happy with Wonderwerk and all the things we've accomplished with it.

Out of the 50+ plus people we have had go through our Wonderwerk programs, none had any issues.It's night and day between Excel and what we got through Wonderwerk.

It's just a much better solution for us.”

Simon Aurik, CCO & CMO, Virtuagym

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