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Set ramp targets and show your team the path to success
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“Wonderway helped us reduce ramp time by 50%”

Simon Aurik, CCO & CMO at Virtuagym

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How it works

Set ramp targets

Don't drop your sales reps in the deep-end. Show new joiners the path to success with clear milestones and development programs. Our Sales Enablement Consultant will review your program and help you set the right milestones as part of the implementation. Wonderway sales onboarding software will help with it.

Milestones connected to CRM

Time to first calls, opportunities & deals embedded in ramp programs & tracked in your CRM

Sales Enablement Consultant

25 hours with a Sales Enablement Consultant is included in our contracts to help you get started

Build onboarding pathways

Our Sales Enablement Consultant will help to import your existing onboarding program and make recommendations for improvement as part of the implementation. Using our content and templates, we can turn a one-week onboarding into a 3-month ramp program overnight.

Best content

Make every detail perfect & limit the number of details.

Time saving tasks

Make every detail perfect & limit the number of details.

Customizable templates

Proven ramp programs (SDRs, AEs, Enterprise, CSMs, Support)

World-class content

Content from the best sales trainers in the tech industry

Automate repetitive training sessions

Sick of repeating the same training session every time someone joins? Turn your existing documents into engaging training programs by adding quizzes, video recordings and other interactive assessments. We believe that trainers should spend their time giving feedback & coaching to new joiners rather than doing the same ol' product demo.

Best content

Make every detail perfect & limit the number of details.

Time saving tasks

Make every detail perfect & limit the number of details.

Re-use internal training docs

Integrates with everything (e.g. Gsuite, Confluence, Office 365, Loom etc.)

Perfect for remote training

Our assessments allow reps to practice key sales skills on their own before they get in front of clients

Measure improvements in ramp-time

One bad hire is sometimes all it takes to throw out your entire sales forecast. Our ramp programs are proven to help more new joiners hit their quota and our analytics give you suggestions for where to tighten the screws. Reducing ramp time is the easiest way to generate revenue for fast growing sales teams.

Best content

Make every detail perfect & limit the number of details.

Time saving tasks

Make every detail perfect & limit the number of details.

Tracking & reminders

Automated tracking and notifications if people are falling behind

Analytics connected to CRM

Spot patterns in performance and get recommendations for improvement


Trainings assigned


Milestones achieved


Ramp-time reduction


Customer satisfaction

Loved by remote sales teams

Steffen Stoltmann

Sales Director

“We reduced ramp time by 25% by repeating key parts of the training using Wonderway’s assessments and skills certifications.”

Jonny Fianu

Head of Revenue Operations
Comply Advantage

“Wonderway is easy to set up & configure. It also comes with a skills library out of the box. When you combine this the competitive pricing & stellar customer service we were blown away by the value and are excited to select Wonderway to support our learning initiatives! ”

Moritz Sander

Sales Strategy & Operations
Urban Sports Club

“We operate in 5 different countries and we had 5 different ways of training our sales team. Wonderway helped us standardise training to get more consistent results.”

Andrea Ratzenberger

VP of Sales & Marketing

“We have been very satisfied with Wonderway. The way how they have conceived their training programs suit our process nicely and it is easy to use. On top they offer additional training courses to complement our internal ones. To conclude very reactive and helpful service.”

Monica K.

Operations & Insights Project Manager

“Amazing Product! user friendly and gives you exactly what you need. Excellent experience from the first talks up until helping implement it working really closely with us and the support/continuous guidance has been excellent.”

Jessica Keen

Head of Sales EMEA

“Great business and neat product for sales enablement. Really positive experience working with the Wonderway team and great feedback from the sales team.”