Bowen Moody

CEO and Co-Founder

I help companies set up their salespeople for success through better training.

I’m sick of seeing the way that most companies treat their sales reps. Hiring double the people they need, dropping them in the deep end, and firing those that don’t work it out in time.

And who can blame them when the research shows that 90% of training doesn’t work?

Wonderway is building the first sales performance platform that shows companies the revenue per rep increase from training.

It’s my vision that every company will invest in training their salespeople because they can see the impact on their bottom line.

Please get in touch if you believe there’s a better way to train your team.



Other things to know about me:

  • Crazy about all things wind, water, and snow (surf, kitesurf, snowboarding)
  • Lived and worked in 6 different countries (my pension is a mess)

Stop losing winnable deals

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