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COACH uses AI to give sales reps expert feedback on every sales call - just like a manager.
It's like hiring a sales coach for your team:
Instantly unlocks insights from hours of call recordings
Gives reps immediate feedback on how to improve
Save managers hours of time every week
Identify gaps and see trends over time

Never watch a Gong call again
(unless you want to)

How much better could your team be if they got personalised feedback after every call? Wonderway COACH is a real game changer for your sales teams performance.
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The biggest limitation for sales teams is lack of coaching. This pain just went away.

Wonderway Coach is a game-changer for the sales training industry. People will develop 10x faster when they have unlimited access to their own personal sales coach
Richard Harris - 3x Salesforce Sales Leader to Follow. 5x AAiSP Top Sales Leader

How it works

Coach uses ChatGPT to UNDERSTAND how well sales reps perform on


What makes us different from other sales call recording tools?

COACH integrates with call recording and conversation intelligence tools to analyze performance, fill in scorecards and give reps real written feedback exactly as a manager would (but in a fraction of the time).

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30 hrs
Time saved by sales managers
each month
Higher sales
conversion rates
Higher employee
Call recordings viewed
and scored
*Average results achieved across Wonderway’s clients

Wonderway COACH

Help your team get 1% better after every call
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