AI Sales Revolution
Using AI to drive pipeline

FREE WEBINAR: Thursday, 8 June 2023 at 5:00 PM CET
Bowen Moody
CEO, Co-Founder, Wonderway
Matt Millen
Co-Founder & President
Thibaut Souyris
CEO, Founder
Angeley Mullins
CMO & CGO at Latana Brand Tracking
What you'll learn:
​✅ Leveraging AI for Prospecting and Lead Generation​
✅ Automating Sales Processes for Increased Efficiency
​✅ Real-life Case Studies: Success Stories and Lessons Learned​
✅ Q&A Session: Ask the Experts
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Bowen Moody

Bowen is the CEO & Co-Founder of Wonderway, a sales training and coaching platform. In May 2023 Wonderway launched Coach, the world’s first AI coach for sales calls.
Bowen’m mission is to help companies set up their salespeople for success through better training. Bowen is sick of seeing the way that most companies treat their sales reps: hiring double the people they need, dropping them in the deep end, and firing those that don’t work it out in time. 

Matt Millen

Matt Millen is a Co-Founder & President, Inc
Chief Growth Officer, Sapper Consulting
Chief Revenue Officer, FLEXE
Sr Vice President Revenue,
Vice President Business Sales, T-Mobile
Vice President of Sales for Robbins Research Intl, an Anthony Robbins Company.
Vice President Sales, Government Acquisitions.
Vice President/General Manager for Small and Medium business at Gateway Computers.

Thibaut Souyris

Thibaut Souyris is a CEO and Founder at SalesLabs where he trains and coaches B2B sales teams to start more conversations and turn prospects into customers.
Thibaut is focused on B2B tech sales, especially inside sales teams, based in North America and EMEA like Amazon, Shopify, or SoSafe.
Thibaut is regularly invited to share insights about innovative business sales development, outbound prospecting, and tech sales on podcasts or sales industry blogs: Sales Hacker, G2, Demodesk, and various other blogs.

Angeley Mullins

Angeley is passionate about growing companies and markets!
• ELT/ SLT Leader with 20 years experience in Commercial Growth ( Marketing / Sales / GTM / Digital )
• Ex-Amazon, Ex-Godaddy, Ex-Intuit
• Both Scale Up (Series A-D) & Large Corp ( IPO to Mature) Experience
• Both B2B SaaS & E-Commerce Leadership
• PLG ( Product Led Growth) & Digital Growth Strategies
• Leadership Coach & Mentor
• Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Chief Revenue Officer ( CRO), & Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)