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Bring the team onboard to Wonderway Coach

July 28, 2023
Richard Hiscutt
Director of Product, Wonderway

Bring the team onboard to Wonderway Coach

We’re committed to making it easier for you to bring your team into our Coach. Our recent updates are designed to streamline this process and provide a seamless transition for every member of your sales team.

Facilitating team integration

We know that an effective sales strategy involves everyone. We've improved our invitation system to enable you to easily invite multiple team members and delegate access rights quickly and easily.

This approach allows for more granular evaluations. Each member of your team can access their personalized evaluations, providing them with actionable insights to improve their performance. As an admin, you have an eagle eye's view of everyone's evaluations, enabling you to track progress and identify areas that need attention.

Get your team on board today!

We're confident that your sales team will appreciate the personalized approach to performance evaluation. After all, success in sales is a team sport, and we're here to help your team play to win.