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We’ve added even more default scorecards to Coach

August 17, 2023
Richard Hiscutt
Director of Product, Wonderway

Always looking to make the start smoother for our users, we've expanded our offering. To the existing 10 default scorecards in Coach, we’ve now introduced 4 additional ones, tailor-made for your discovery calls.

For those familiar with sales methodologies, we've added the SPICED, GAP, IMPACT Selling System, and MEDDIC methodologies with these new scorecards.

This means that if your team follows one of these methodologies, getting started with Coach is now a walk in the park. Simply choose one for your organisation to use and see how your team perform against them on their calls with our super clear and objective evaluation.

A shortcut to success?

For teams on the lookout for new strategies or methodologies, our expanded list provides not just a quick start but also a glimpse into potential new directions.

Whether it's about adopting a fresh approach or simply drawing inspiration, Coach is here to guide, support, and now, inspire.