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Quickly understand how your team are performing

July 26, 2023
Richard Hiscutt
Director of Product, Wonderway

Quickly understand how your team are performing

We're excited to introduce the first of many planned improvements to our call scoring and feedback system for your team.

A new home for your team's call performance metrics

Our new home page delivers an aggregated view of your team's performance, separating each team member for quick and easy management and tracking. The revamped interface provides you with a snapshot of each rep's aggregated scores over their past five calls, for both their scorecard and performance assessments.

We've also included trend analysis for every team member to give you a clearer picture of your reps' progress, allowing you to track improvements, identify areas of concern, and strategize accordingly.

Explore the improved performance tracking and scoring today, and start benefiting from the enhanced insights it delivers. And remember, this is only the beginning. More detailed reporting and insights for your team are on their way.