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Multiple Custom Scorecards

June 15, 2023
Richard Hiscutt
Director of Product, Wonderway

Tailoring your approach with Custom Scorecards

Wonderway Coach's automated scorecard completion isn't confined to pre-existing sales methodologies. Our tool empowers you to create an unlimited number of Custom Scorecards, allowing you to tailor your call evaluations to your organisation's unique needs.

Bespoke evaluations with Custom Scorecards

Each sales team has its unique playbook – and it's the same with their scorecards. Custom Scorecards provide the flexibility you need whether on an organisational, team, or individual level. They cater to your specific requirements and help focus on particular skill sets or processes that your team needs to enhance.

A focus on individual needs

Custom Scorecards aren't just about larger strategic adjustments; they also cater to the particular needs of individual reps. If certain members of your team need to concentrate on specific skills or parts of the process, Custom Scorecards offer a means to track and encourage that improvement.

Get started with your Custom Scorecards today

Start leveraging the benefits of automated scorecard completion in the most personalised way possible. Create your Custom Scorecards and let Wonderway Coach's AI handle the rest, tracking your team's unique adherence to your playbook with ease.