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Helping you to understand scorecards adherence across multiple calls

August 2, 2023
Richard Hiscutt
Director of Product, Wonderway

We've introduced a new feature today: aggregated scorecard feedback for each rep across multiple calls. Simply put, it offers you a more holistic look at how your team use your scorecard and highlights areas they consistently follow or miss.

A clearer view across multiple calls

It's about seeing the broader pattern rather than focusing on individual calls. Everyone can have an off day, and it’s unhelpful to base judgements on one call alone.

By examining performance over multiple calls, we give you a consistent overview. It’s not so much about singling out isolated errors, but rather identifying overall strengths and areas for potential improvement.

Our aggregated scorecard feedback provides a straightforward, objective measure of how the scorecard is being utilised in practice.

The more calls you evaluate, the clearer the picture becomes. Review a range of your rep’s calls, identify trends, and then turn to the aggregated scorecard feedback.

This approach ensures a balanced understanding of scorecard adherence over time and helps you decide which scorecard criteria are useful, which aren’t, and which need more focus from your team.

Take a moment, explore the feature, and draw insights that matter.