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Enhanced Action Points

June 2, 2023
Richard Hiscutt
Director of Product, Wonderway

Enhanced Action Points: Dialing up the detail

Feedback in sales isn't just about flagging issues or applauding successes. At Wonderway Coach, we believe in delivering feedback that's objective, specific, and actionable. That's what we strive for, always.

Our system analyses sales calls and pinpoints one area that each rep can focus on for improvement. This isn't a blanket statement, but a carefully crafted piece of advice that, if implemented, can significantly improve the rep's chances of success in future calls.

The power of specific actions with feedback

But why are specific actions so critical? Here's the deal. Feedback without actions is like a compass without a needle. It tells you where you are, but doesn't guide you towards your destination.

Actionable feedback is paramount, it gives reps a clear path for improvement. It isn't about dissecting every minor detail of their call. Instead, it's about zeroing in on one crucial area that can lead to significant strides in their performance.

Amplifying feedback with Enhanced Action Points in Coach

We've upped the ante on our feedback model. We've introduced Enhanced Action Points to give our feedback even more depth.

Each call feedback now has an additional 3 Enhanced Action Points to help expand on how to put the recommended action into practice. They offer reps and managers the chance to dig deeper into the recommended action and to understand it in more granular detail.

Consider it as peeling back the layers of the recommended action in the feedback. You get to see examples, specific information, and extra ideas to implement the action.

The best part? These additional insights are automatically generated but tailored to fit the context of the feedback and the experience level of the rep. They're not generic pieces of advice but carefully curated suggestions based on the evaluation.

In the end, it's about providing every tool and insight we can to help sales teams do what they do best - sell. And with these enhanced action points, we believe we've taken another significant step in that direction.