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Introducing Cold Calls

June 6, 2023
Richard Hiscutt
Director of Product, Wonderway

Evaluating Different Sales Call Types: A Closer Look

Sales calls are a varied lot. From cold calls to discovery calls, demos, negotiation, and customer success calls, each has its distinct characteristics. Each one demands its own skill set, its own approach. That's a given in the sales world.

Distinct evaluation frameworks for call types

The key to honing a rep's skills lies in understanding these differences. It's not just about evaluating a rep's performance - it's about understanding how their performance changes based on the call type.

Having a universal, one-size-fits-all evaluation framework won't cut it. It won't reflect the nuanced demands of different call types. Cold calls might rely heavily on quick rapport building, while discovery calls may demand an in-depth understanding of customer needs. By using unique evaluation frameworks for different call types, we can provide feedback that's not only specific but also, more importantly, actionable.

Coach's approach to different call types

Here at Wonderway Coach, we have embraced this tailored approach. Our system uses call-type specific criteria to evaluate rep performance.

We started with Discovery calls. Our evaluation method for these calls is based on a weighted scoring system. The feedback we provide doesn’t just flag areas for improvement. It also gives a nod to the things that went well. By identifying a rep’s successes and opportunities for growth, we offer objective, specific, and actionable feedback.

Introducing Cold Calls

Now, we’ve expanded our coverage to include a new call-type template: Cold Calls. These calls may be shorter, and more numerous, but with Coach, reps can get immediate feedback, allowing them to adjust strategies on the fly.

By distinguishing between call types in our evaluations, we offer managers a clear picture of their reps' performance across different call scenarios. This clarity is key in driving improvement and success in sales.

As we continue to add more call types to our repertoire, we’re excited about the increasingly granular feedback we'll be able to provide.