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Call summaries & follow-up actions direct to your inbox with our new Instant Recap email

September 15, 2023
Richard Hiscutt
Director of Product, Wonderway

Immediately after Coach completes a call evaluation, we've got you covered with our Instant Recap email.

Our Instant Recap email is like magic. Reps will find both the call summary and follow-up actions detailed in their inbox and ready to share in a follow-up email we've automatically written for you.

We’ve crafted our Instant Recap email to be concise yet comprehensive, and ready to be sent directly to the meeting participants.

It helps to ensure that everyone remains in sync on the conversation's nuances and agreed actions. And for reps, the benefits are clear: there's no need to jot down details or craft a fresh email.

We want to help cut down on those frustrating administrative tasks that so essential, and to help continue to save you and your team hours every week.