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Call Performance Scoring System

June 8, 2023
Richard Hiscutt
Director of Product, Wonderway

The crucial role of Call Performance Scoring

Understanding how we measure success in sales calls is essential. This is where Call Performance Scoring helps, a system designed to shed light on the performance of reps in each sales call. Let's dive deeper into its workings.

What is Call Performance Scoring?

Simply put, Call Performance Scoring is an objective system used to evaluate how a rep performed in sales calls. It examines each call against specific dimensions like needs assessment and communication skills, generating a score out of 100. This score offers an unbiased measure of a sales rep's performance during a particular call.

Why is it important?

Performance is paramount in sales. However, assessing it is often easier said than done. Calls are intricate, bringing together a host of variables from the rep's tactics to the client's reactions.

Without a clear, standardized scoring system, some details can slip through the cracks, or bias may sneak into evaluations. Call Performance Scoring brings consistency to this process, ensuring each call receives a fair and comprehensive review.

Our approach to Automatic Call Performance Scoring in Coach

Now, let's talk about how we're tackling this challenge at Wonderway Coach.

We've developed an automated system that scores each call against a set of criteria that align with the call type. For instance, Discovery calls get evaluated on needs assessment, communication, relationship building, and more. On the other hand, Cold calls focus on criteria such as interest generation and elevator pitch success.

But it's not just about the criteria. We've added weight to each dimension to emphasize the importance of certain skills over others. The result? A score out of 100 that truly represents the rep's call performance.

Now, let's add a little color. We've incorporated color-coding into our scoring system to help you quickly grasp whether a call's performance was Great, Good, Fair, or Poor. This helps managers identify the reps or calls they want to dive deeper into, where they can see a detailed breakdown of the call, pinpointing specific moments where a rep shone or struggled.

By adopting this data-driven approach, managers can offer concrete, targeted coaching, propelling reps to improve rapidly and effectively.

We're genuinely thrilled to roll out this automatic Call Performance Scoring feature and confident it'll become an indispensable tool in your sales performance arsenal.