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Automatic Scorecard Completion

June 13, 2023
Richard Hiscutt
Director of Product, Wonderway

Driving sales success with automated scorecard completion & evaluation

Despite being crucial in Conversation Intelligence (CI), scorecards are often underused due to the manual effort they require. CI tools can collect plenty of quantitative data, but manual input is still needed to align sales calls with established playbooks.

This is where Wonderway Coach steps in, transforming scorecard management with automation.

The power of scorecards in sales & compliance

Scorecards are invaluable in the sales ecosystem. They serve as the measuring stick against which a team's adherence to a sales playbook is assessed. They contribute directly to maximising sales opportunities and identifying areas ripe for improvement.

However, manually completing scorecards means that only a tiny fraction of calls are being analysed, which leaves room for potential compliance issues and misalignments with the playbook. The scale of these missed opportunities is often amplified in larger organisations, creating not just a gap in performance optimisation, but also a risk of non-compliance.

Wonderway Coach’s game-changing solution: ensuring every call aligns with the playbook

Wonderway Coach is introducing an innovative new feature: automated scorecard completion across all sales calls. This revolutionises the way sales organisations can track playbook adherence, quality, and compliance.

Our system allows sales teams to upload their scorecards, and from there, every call is automatically analysed and evaluated against these criteria. The result? A comprehensive picture of your sales team’s performance on every call.

What does it mean for sales managers?

This isn't just about time-saving. It’s about turning the tide on missed opportunities and ensuring compliance at scale. It’s about giving managers the power to quickly identify which calls require their attention.

Through this automation, Wonderway Coach reveals playbook adherence levels, identifies potential compliance risks, and uncovers actionable insights to help your team perform better.

Getting specific with the detail

But it doesn’t stop there. Alongside the automated scorecard completion, our system offers detailed explanations and links to specific moments in the call transcript where playbook adherence was excellent, satisfactory, or lacking.

With this data, managers can precisely pinpoint where coaching is needed. And it’s a game-changer when it comes to improving conversion rates by helping managers truly understand who’s working with the playbook, and who’s not.

Going the extra mile: supercharging your scorecards

To further strengthen the impact of our automated scorecard completion feature, we're introducing three additional enhancements:

  1. Starter Scorecards: To kickstart your scorecard journey, we're including 10 starter scorecards, built upon widely-adopted sales methodologies.
  2. Custom Scorecards: We understand that every sales team is unique, so we're offering the flexibility to create and add custom scorecards.
  3. Advanced Call Scoring: To provide a detailed understanding of playbook adherence, we're refining our call scoring system, adding depth and nuance.

Taken together, these updates represent a significant stride forward for Wonderway Coach. The automation of scorecard completion, paired with our new enhancements, signals a new era of sales analysis — one that brings the promise of improved playbook adherence, streamlined compliance monitoring, and, ultimately, enhanced sales performance.