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Aggregated performance feedback; know exactly what your rep needs help with

August 31, 2023
Richard Hiscutt
Director of Product, Wonderway

Driving performance improvements in sales is all about knowing where the gaps are. That's why we've expanded our feedback mechanisms in Coach to include aggregated performance feedback, alongside the scorecard feedback you're familiar with.

By looking across multiple calls, we're not just focusing on one-off moments, but truly understanding the patterns and identifying the issues that have real impact on call success.

A clearer lens for improvement

Beyond just numbers, you'll have a clear understanding of the context in which feedback is given.  For every area of improvement identified we're providing real examples across the rep’s multiple calls, and providing clear and immediately actionable recommendations on how to improve.

It's about understanding the 'why' behind each feedback, and having actionable steps at your fingertips so that your team can start improving immediately.