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10 Starter Scorecards

June 14, 2023
Richard Hiscutt
Director of Product, Wonderway

Jumpstart your automated scorecard completion with 10 Starter Scorecards

Alongside the Wonderway Coach default scorecard we’ve put together starter scorecards from 10 of the world’s more popular sales methodologies. It gives you instant access to automated scorecard completion.

Included with Wonderway Coach

Our Starter Scorecards are modeled after a wide range of successful sales methodologies, including:

  • BANT
  • Command of the Sale
  • Consultative Selling
  • Customer-Centric Selling
  • N.E.A.T. Selling
  • Sandler Selling System
  • SNAP Selling
  • Solution Selling Methodology
  • SPIN Selling
  • The Challenger Sale

Get started today!

Get a head start on automated scorecard completion with our Starter Scorecards. And for those teams with unique methodologies? Don't worry. You can create and add your custom scorecards!