What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is about the effective use of people, different processes, and technology to increase sales productivity and revenue. Simply put, it is the process of giving your sales team everything they need to close more deals. This cross-functional discipline is designed to improve your salespeople's results along the entire customer's buying journey.

What does the team do?

Sales enablement teams can run a wide range of activities. It includes onboarding, creating sales assets and training content, implementing the sales coaching strategy, communications, and managing sales tools. 

Depending on business size and industry, it may only have one person responsible for enabling the entire organization on a full- or part-time basis or multiple dedicated professionals focused on every piece of the sales enablement strategy. 

Why is it important? 

  • It's a long-term strategy that leads to 15% better results.
  • Improved sales readiness - the core component of sales enablement, which means that your sales team has the knowledge and skills to maximize every client interaction.
  • Higher engagement and retention rates. Sales enablement helps your salespeople succeed, and when they produce better results, they are more engaged with their jobs and work at your company longer.
  • Effective tools usage. Your sales team can use several different tools a day, and some of them represent significant investments for the company. You would want someone to ensure agents know how to use all this technology most effectively.

Sales enablement is not just teaching your salespeople about products, value proposition, or even how to sell better. It's about enabling salespeople to bring in more business. 

Enablement helps by accelerating your sales teams' credibility with your customers and building relationships that will strengthen over time. Sales enablement allows companies to keep up with evolving buyer expectations and gives your sales teams the tools and content to guide prospective customers through their buyers' journeys.

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