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Not happy with your existing sales training software? Make the switch to Wonderway and we will:
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Wonderway. Data-driven sales training platform 100% focused on revenue.

How we stack up

Most legacy sales training software was designed for large corporations. It offers a lot of features but it is very complicated to use and most likely will require a full-time dedicated person to administer the system. If you are looking for a powerful sales training platform that is easy to use and helps boost revenue, Wonderway is a great option.
A dedicated sales enablement consultant will help you to switch to the platform seamlessly and with no hassle.

Deeply understand who needs help with what BEFORE it becomes a problem

Wonderway dashboard quickly identify areas of need

Identify areas of need quickly

Use machine learning to empower sales managers with deep insights into their teams.
Connect your CRM to the Wonderway platform and get all the information needed to manage and train your sales team in a dashboard view.

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Wonderway dashboard and interface: save hours of time each week

Save hours of time each week

Bring all the most important data into one place to get a complete overview of your rep's strengths and weaknesses.
Stay 100% focused on revenue, while Wonderway is focused on analyzing the data and providing you with insights and the right training program for each sales rep.

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Wonderway sales training platform. Get personalized training programs for every sales rep

Get personalized training programs for every rep on your team

Deploy fast and effective training in areas that will have the most impact on revenue.
Wonderway sales training platform with a library of sales programs and handy tools will help you make the process as easy as it can be.

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Wonderway See the impact on revenue dashboard

See the impact on revenue

Wonderway is the only sales training platform on the market 100% focused on revenue.
Know what works and what can be improved. Continuously increase the team’s efficiency.

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→ Wonderway helped Babbel to close 40% more deals by closing skill gaps between high-performing and low-performing sales reps. See case study →

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