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The ultimate list of sales trends in a turbulent 2023
Monday, January 23, 2023

The ultimate list of sales trends in a turbulent 2023

Nazar Begen
Growth Director
The ultimate list of sales trends in a turbulent 2023

Table of contents:

1. Sales trends by Wonderway

2. Sales trends by Hubspot

3. Sales trends by Salesforce

4. Sales trends by Zendesk

5. Sales trends by Entrepreneur

6. Sales trends by reply.io

7. Sales trends by Mixmax

8. Sales trends by Nethunt

9. Sales trends by Vainu

10. Resume (TOP trends)

Sales trends by Wonderway

Our CEO and Co-Founder Bowen Moody shared his thoughts about sales trends in 2023 during the webinar with Leadfeeder and Echobot.

  1. Fewer companies buy, so there will be more competition in the market. More stakeholders involved in all the deals
  2. Companies will be trying to do more with less:

- Focusing on the best-fitting companies

- More flexibility for salespeople

- More individualization and personalization

  1. There's going to be a shift in focus, where companies are going to start prioritizing existing customers versus trying to take on new ones. One of the primary drivers of revenue will be upselling (not generating new business)
  2. Sales automation will help teams spend more time on the things that really matter. 

- AI tools like ChatGPT will help free up headspace and time to focus on the important stuff.

- Sales intelligence and sales coaching tools (like Gong, Wonderway) will help to coach sales reps and improve their performance

  1. Quality versus quantity:

- Companies will have more granular ICP lists

- Sales teams will work with fewer leads but with better quality

Full recording of the webinar

Sales trends by Hubspot

  1. Demos need to sell the problem, not the solution.
  2. The sales process will require more touchpoints.
  3. Freemium will kick-start the sales conversation.
  4. Existing customers will take priority over new ones.
  5. The hierarchical nature of sales will flatten.
  6. Personalization is critical for success.
  7. Specialization in vertical markets.
  8. Sales culture will become a top priority.

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Sales trends by Salesforce

  1. Companies that invest in team selling will drive greater revenue, while also empowering the individual rep
  2. Companies that prioritize sales enablement will see greater revenue
  3. Automation will revolutionize the customer experience and increase revenue
  4. Phenomenal customer service will be intuitive, successful, and consistent
  5. The CDP (Customer Data Platform) industry will be one of the fastest growing enterprise markets this year 
  6. Generative AI will empower mass customizations of experiences
  7. Organizations that maintain digital transformation investments will outperform those that don’t
  8. Investment in automation will surge as companies aim to do more with less
  9. Introducing business intimacy will deliver business value and elevate the CIO’s seat at the table 
  10. Staying competitive will require “digital Darwinism”: To survive and thrive, businesses must adapt to the pace at which technology influences how society and technology evolve.

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Sales trends by Zendesk

  1. Buyers are more informed than ever before

Buyers already know the “What” about your products and company. What they need from your sales reps is the why. If your product is approximately the same price and quality as company B and C’s, why should buyers choose you?

  1. CX expectations are on the rise

Customer experience expectations are skyrocketing as we move out of the pandemic. In order to fulfill CX expectations, your company needs to be fast, accessible, personable, and technologically up-to-date. 

  1. Focus on the happiness of your sales team
  2. Use data and analytics to drive revenue
  3. Embrace technology and digital sales

The shift to online and digital sales is happening, whether we like it or not. The important thing is how quickly companies adapt to it. 

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Sales trends by Entrepreneur

  1. RevOps is on the rise

Businesses need to unite their internal sales process to mirror what their customers prefer and expect. 

  1. Curated content is key to one-to-one selling

As the buyer's journey becomes increasingly self-led, the best way to attract customers' attention is by providing relevant information throughout the sales cycle.

  1. Businesses are leaning on automation

Automation may sound counter-intuitive to a personalized customer experience, but the truth is that automation makes personalization at scale possible.

  1. Account-based marketing is driving personalization

ABM is getting to know specific accounts and their details to craft a message that meets their specific and individual needs. It works alongside RevOps and aligns sales and marketing to take information from both teams to identify the best and most likely accounts to win.

  1. Buyers expect self-service experiences

A rising number of consumers, especially from younger generations, prefer to conduct their buyers' journey independently, without interaction from sales or marketing teams. 81% of customers want to see more self-service options.

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Sales trends by reply.io

  1. No-code and low-code software aims at SDRs
  2. Artificial intelligence goes mainstream
  3. Product-Led Growth tactics meet sales development
  4. Product-Led Growth tactics meet sales development
  5. Sales engagement is shifting gears
  6. The revenue operations trend is on the rise. The market size keeps growing and there are more relevant RevOps job titles on LinkedIn.
  7. AI sales team training & coaching software is another up-and-coming use case for artificial intelligence, offering “just in time” insights for education and enablement.
  8. Social selling & personal branding for sales and SDRs are growing. The sales community has been very active lately with more voices entering the scene.

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Sales trends by Mixmax

  1. Sales automation will become even more popular
  2. Sales teams will use AI sales training software
  3. Value-based selling strategies will be essential
  4. Customer success is key
  5. Video will trump text in the sales process
  6. Social selling will only become more important
  7. More focus on expanding revenue & monetizing existing customers

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Sales trends by Nethunt

  1. Creativity is the new sales hack
  2. Implement sales automation
  3. Implement value-based selling
  4. Social selling is essential
  5. Customer success over customer support
  6. Bring your teams closer together
  7. Multi-channel, personalised experiences
  8. Video for sales
  9. Don’t invest in strategies you can’t vouch for
  10. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over
  11. A conversational customer experience

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Sales trends by Vainu

  1. The rise of SalesOps
  2. Interactive Demos will be everywhere
  3. Salespeople will need to become domain experts
  4. Demand generation will continue to triumph over lead generation
  5. Expect more stakeholders, longer sales cycles, and CFO involvement
  6. Look-a-likes will finally become mainstream in B2B

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TOP trends for 2023 (resume):

1. Automation.

2. Artificial intelligence goes mainstream.

3. Sales culture will become a top priority. Focus on the happiness of your sales team.

4. Product-led growth. Buyers expect self-service experiences.

5. Upsells: Existing customers will take priority over new ones.

6. Personalization is critical for success.

7. The rise of SalesOps and RevOps.

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