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Top 10 Best Sales Training Software
Friday, May 20, 2022

Top 10 Best Sales Training Software

Nazar Begen
Growth Director
Top 10 Best Sales Training Software

All companies are looking for ways to optimize their sales performance and, of course, the top line. Instead of going for fancy measures, how about investing time in optimum training? 

Some of the best sales training software is taking the load off the managers and leaders and ensures that both fresher and veteran sellers are in line with the company’s vision and growth plan.  In fact, as per statistics by Task Drive, sales training has the power to leverage a whopping 353% increase in ROI for the organization.


Why Do We Need Sales Training Software?

In simple terms, we need sales training software to:

A sales training software is an all-in-one platform for sales representatives to help them onboard, understand the company metrics, and make impactful sales. 

All good sales training software has great content, engagement value, and an easy-to-use interface that makes training a step beyond the conventional and boring assessments and courses. 

Top 10 Best Sales Training Software for Your Team

1. Wonderway

Wonderway is great for new sales reps, as well as experienced folks.

Wonderway is ideal for those who require upskilling or reskilling to be in line with the latest developments in the industry and the organization. It is also beneficial to onboarding new members onto the company platform.

Sales Training Wonderway

The sales training software of Wonderway offers organizations assistance via three different modules - onboarding, upskilling, and certification. The onboarding solution reduces ramp-up times significantly while the upskilling program revitalizes conventional sales practices.

The certification module can be deployed by organizations looking to introduce/re-introduce company-based knowledge and developments to the sales team. The certification helps sales representatives customize their pitch, and upsell to prospects by offering value-based information, and closing better deals. 

2. Mindtickle

A sales readiness platform, Mindtickle is known for its ability to identify and drive winning sales behavior in sales reps.

It helps organizations define the ideal rep profile, create the one best suited for the representative’s style of working, and analyze the results based on their performance. 

Its modules include sales enablement, sales content management (for finding the right content for the right client), conversion intelligence (insights into winning behavior), and sales coaching. 

It is interesting to note that Mindtickle leverages gamification and interactivity to make the program more engaging and intuitive. 

With the help of Mindtickle, managers can easily upgrade their sales content, enhance team performance and generate greater opportunities via managed operations.

3. Allego

The ideal sales enablement solution for distributed sales teams, Allego leverages artificial intelligence to fire up an organization’s sales enablement process for sellers as well as buyers. 

The asynchronous friendly module helps virtual teams receive personalized peer-to-peer learning, contextual content for learning, and interactive experiences.

The patented sales representative-centric platform comprises a high-impact sales training tool, a platform for sales content management, avenues for skill development, and most important for remote teams, the flexibility for collaboration.  This bouquet of features empowers them to close bigger and better deals while adding value to the prospect engagement. 

4. Showpad Coach

Showpad Coach is a sales enablement platform heavily invested in coaching sales managers to help members improve buyer experience without going for a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. The platform offers holistic benefits in the form of sales readiness, sales effectiveness, sales content management, and improved buyer engagement. 

One of the interesting modules of the product is Showpad Video, its video-based tool where the sales representative leverages the visual medium to overall improve the buyer experience. 

The Showpad Coach has so far helped more than 1000 companies streamline their training content, improve their sales effectiveness, and create personalized buyer journeys to help them buy based on experience and not the price. 

For such content and journey curation process, the platform leverages the data collected during the sales interaction and offers AI-powered recommendations to approach different clients with different techniques. 

5. SalesHood

A leading, holistic sales enablement platform, SalesHood enables brands to boost their sales and accelerate revenue. 

Targeting hyper-growth companies, SalesHood is an all-in-one platform that is tried & tested to shorten ramp time, accelerate sales speeds, and lift quota attainment. Known to be a purpose-built sales enablement platform, SaleHood’s key offerings are coaching, guided selling, content sharing, and learning. 

At SalesHood, organizations receive six classes of action-oriented content, which go on for 30 minutes each, along with more than 50 templates that are ready for use. Offering a 100% virtual training and selling program at scale, SalesHood is the perfect solution for distributed teams that function on remote and asynchronous models. 

6. Lessonly by Seismic 

Lessonly by Seismic is a sales enablement cloud platform that is helping companies ignite their revenue growth. Lessonly, a subsidiary of Seismic is “the new wave of enablement” everyone’s hyped about.  Specializing in e-learning, automation, customer service training, employee onboarding, sales enablement training, etc. Lessonly is a holistic training and enablement platform. 

Improved ramp-up plans, practicing skills, personalized coaching, and delivering seamless enablement are some of Lessonly’s undertakings. 

Headquartered in Indiana, Lessonly has a flourishing community known as the LlamaNation that attracts customers from across the globe. LlamaNation members enjoy perks like prizes, swag, resources, and invitations for exclusive events. 

7. PointForward

PointForward is a transformational and collaborative sales enablement program that focuses on sales training, readiness, practice programs, and coaching.

Coaching enables sales managers and leaders to give feedback, measure KPIs, and set the standard of an impressionable sales rep. 

Training manages and curates sales training programs where managers can curate custom training content. These training programs are made to be engaging and stick with the learner. 

Practice is another module that allows the sales representative to apply their learning and see if their implementation works in real-time sales calls. Mock interviews and practice sessions help learners prepare for the best buyer experience. 

The sales enablement platform is also making the launch of new products easier via its video-based challenges and product certifications to align the sales messaging. 

8. Gradual

A sales training automation software, Gradual is tailor-made to expedite the sales representative’s training process while being engaging. From newcomer onboarding to channel partner training, Gradual tends to the hassles of training repetition and saves significant time. 

In due process, Gradual also provides a knowledge tool and a recurring training tool to keep constant tabs on ongoing work and increase revenue plan attainment margins, respectively. 

A process that takes a mere 3 minutes to set up using Gradual saves anywhere between 2 to 3 hours taken to onboard a single newcomer.  Multiply this by the number of reps onboarded each month, and a customer can save hundreds of hours spent on mundane & repetitive training. 

Gradual also provides tools with templates that can be learned in no time and an option to connect corporate messenger software to receive live updates. 

9. Brainshark

Brainshark provides a sales readiness platform to help businesses in the training process. Driven by data, sales enablement & readiness software diagnoses performance issues create dynamic content, trains & upskills teams, etc. 

Recognized as one of the top players in the sector, Brainshark software also offers coaching and content-authoring abilities to outsell the competition.  More than 50 out of the Fortune 100 brands depend on Brainshark to deliver better results for their sales enablement efforts. 

With over 750,000 new content assets created each year, out of which 48,000 are viewed each day, Brainshark has the tools to talk the talk and the numbers to walk the walk. 

10. Master-O

Master-O is a sales enablement & readiness app that uses gamification microlearning to improve business performance. Combining microlearning content, data sciences, and behavioral psychology, Master-O improves sales competencies effortlessly.

The Master-O app is used to onboard new hires, standalone/blended learning, salesforce readiness assessment, competitor intelligence, field observation, digital adaptation, developing skills, customer engagement, etc.

An ideal app to upskill your sales & support, Master-O already has the numbers and an impressive list of clientele to back its claims.

What Makes a Good Sales Training Software? Features to Look Out For

Sales is just as much an art as science - therefore, a good sales training software should be the perfect blend of knowledge, interactivity, and content to help sales representatives sell better.

1. It Should House all the Content

Different sales representatives harbor different learning techniques which makes it necessary to have diverse content, both in terms of format and structure.  Moreover, this content should be trackable (for the managers to measure rep KPIs) and accessible to the representatives. 

2. Empowers Collaboration

Remote functioning relies heavily on collaboration, and this is especially true in the case of sales teams.  To improve sales effectiveness, training and practice, it is vital for the sales training software to be collaborative and clear. 

3. Reduce Ramp Up Time Substantially

Onboarding is one of the most common pain points among sales leadership. Most onboarding programs require around three months to be considered effective.  An impactful sales training software should be able to substantially reduce ramp-up time by offering effective training content.

4. Tracking and Analysis

It is a feature that allows tracking the representative’s progress as well as analyzing their learning journey. This helps managers offer feedback in real-time. A good sales training software will also enable managers with a complete picture of their team performance and empower them to make collective changes to improve training effectiveness and overall ROI. 

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