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23 B2B Sales Influencers on Linkedin to Follow in 2024
Wednesday, December 21, 2022

23 B2B Sales Influencers on Linkedin to Follow in 2024

Nazar Begen
Growth Director
23 B2B Sales Influencers on Linkedin to Follow in 2024

If you're looking to take your B2B sales game to the next level, following the thought leaders in the industry on LinkedIn is a surefire way to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed. 

With their insights and ideas, you can stay up to date on the latest strategies and trends, giving you an edge over the competition. You will learn the best techniques for closing deals and gain valuable insight into what works and doesn't in B2B sales.

In today's article, we've compiled a list of 23 B2B sales influencers you must follow to ensure success in the ever-changing and fast-paced world of B2B sales. Let's start with some essential information.

Who are B2B sales influencers?

B2B sales influencers have authority, knowledge, and expertise in the industry. They cover various sales topics like lead generation, sales enablement, and prospecting. The content they share attracts a loyal audience base. It is their mission to educate and entertain that audience.

LinkedIn is usually their go-to platform, which isn’t surprising. The social media network boasts 875 million members worldwide. They can promote their content in front of many sales leaders and teams.

Why should you follow these influencers? Let’s find out.

Why is tracking sales professionals essential for your sales development?

Every business wants to increase its sales and revenue. To achieve these goals, your sales reps must remain on top of their game and hone their selling techniques. 

It involves training, studying helpful content, and developing innovative sales strategies to generate more leads and maximize sales productivity.

By following top sales influencers, you and your team can 

  1. Stay up-to-date on the latest trends in B2B sales
  2. Learn how to use LinkedIn for sales purposes effectively
  3. Network with like-minded sales professionals
  4. Get access to industry-specific insights and expertise
  5. Learn new sales strategies
  6. Get access to exclusive content
  7. Get access to data and research on B2B sales
  8. Get creative ideas and new perspectives
  9. Get an inside look at how top sales professionals are succeeding
  10. Stay motivated and inspired to reach your own sales goals

Following the advice of those who have chosen a sales career is a wise decision. After all, they've been in your shoes and understand the demands of being a successful sales leader and building a successful sales team.

With their invaluable experience, they can provide the tips and guidance you need to excel in your career.

The top B2B sales influencers to follow in 2023

23 sales influencers are on our list. How did we choose them? We used these criteria:

1. Scott Leese

99,132 Followers | LinkedIn profile

Scott Leese is a familiar figure among sales and marketing leaders. He owns a consulting firm, helping companies improve sales strategies, processes, and infrastructure. It’s no wonder that such a professional shares much wisdom.

Scott is active on Linkedin. You can catch him writing about sales onboarding, hitting quotas, and sales leadership. He also engages with his LinkedIn network. 

You’ll receive his response in hours if you ever leave a comment.

2. Kevin Dorsey

103,178 Followers | LinkedIn profile

Kevin is a go-to person for sales and marketing leaders who seek sales performance coaching. He received awards from Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Pavillon for his expertise. His approach sets him apart from other best sales influencers.

Namely, Kevin wants to know what motivates and drives salespeople to achieve success. Helping sales leaders improve is only possible if he understands their behavior.

On LinkedIn, he shares content on inside sales, scaling sales teams, and buyer behavior, among other things. Follow him if you need actionable sales tips.

3. John Barrows

389,672 Followers | LinkedIn profile

John Barrows has over 25 years of sales experience. He now owns JBarrows Sales Training to share his knowledge with clients like yourself. And he has an excellent track record in the sales industry, having worked with Amazon, Google, and LinkedIn.

As a LinkedIn sales influencer, he can help you with your sales process, cold calling, email marketing, enterprise sales, and online sales strategies. His content is diverse, so there’s something for everybody.

His book “I Want to Be in Sales When I Grow Up!” is the best book about sales for kids (and probably for adults as well).

4. Jill Rowley

250,411 Followers | LinkedIn profile

Jill Rowley is one of the first women sales pros. Her impressive career began at Salesforce over 20 years ago. Today, Jill is a GMT advisor to companies like Stage 2 Capital and Guild Education.

On LinkedIn, she has become synonymous with one topic – social selling.

Her posts teach you what social selling is and how to include it in your sales process. She also writes about B2B sales and marketing, sales leadership, and customer-centric approaches. 

Using her own experience, she helps women get into B2B sales.

5. Steli Efti

21,377 Followers | LinkedIn profile

Steli Efti is the CEO of Close, a sales communication platform for inside sales teams. He wants to help sales communities eliminate manual processes and close deals faster. As a sales leader, he possesses passion that makes him stand out on LinkedIn.

Steli focuses on the common problems of sales organizations. For instance, he explains how you should find a mentor, develop your pricing strategy for software sales and negotiate a deal without any sales mistakes.

6. Morgan Ingram

150,688 Followers | LinkedIn profile

Morgan Ingram is a sales coach who gives actionable advice about techniques that strengthen the sales pipeline, use social media, and leverage cold calling to get the best results. LinkedIn recognized him as the Top Sales Voice for three years.

As a sales guy himself, Morgan knows what issues plague sales professionals. He zeros in on sales processes and how reps should handle objections. 

He often posts videos, so you’ll feel like you’re part of his course!

7. Sam Jacobs

36,135 Followers | LinkedIn profile

Sam Jacobs founded Pavilion, a community-powered learning platform. His goal is to provide training and development to sales leaders so that they can grow further. 

He even hosts the Sales Hacker Podcast, where he interviews sales practitioners.

Sam keeps track of the sales world. He understands that sometimes you miss sales pipeline goals or targets. Follow him to learn how to accomplish your objectives even when facing hurdles.

8. Mark Hunter

313,859 Followers | LinkedIn profile

Mark Hunter is the CEO of The Sales Hunter, keynote speaker, and best-selling author of books like “A Mind for Sales.” 

He lives and breathes sales, which is evident on his LinkedIn profile. Mark strives to help others become successful sales professionals.

He works with companies to help them seal more deals. As one of the best sales influencers, Mark explains how you can achieve sales effectiveness and revenue growth. 

You can even share his keynote speeches with your team at your next sales meeting.

9. Jared Robin

36,834 Followers | LinkedIn profile

Jared has worked in both sales and marketing teams. He established a company that would bring sales, marketing, and customer success professionals together. 

RevGenius is a community of experts who learn, share, and grow with each other.

He is a popular sales leader because he posts frequent and high-quality content. From introducing new sales technology to talking about sales development, you can learn much thanks to Jared.

10. Mark Roberge

42,542 Followers | LinkedIn profile

A Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School and Managing Director of Stage 2 Capital, Mark Roberge has devoted his life to sales. 

He drew attention as a sales acceleration specialist thanks to his best-selling book – “The Sales Acceleration Formula.”

He believes sales professionals should leverage inbound selling, data, and technology to move prospects down the sales cycle faster. 

If you don’t have the time to read his book, you can review his shorter LinkedIn tips. Mark tells you how to improve your numbers and grow your business.

11. Peter Kazanjy

22,397 Followers | LinkedIn profile

Peter is an entrepreneur who founded companies like Atrium and Modern Sales Pros. He also penned “Founding Sales,” a book that accelerates learning for first-time sales professionals. 

As a LinkedIn sales influencer, Peter engages his followers with different topics.

You can learn almost anything from him. For instance, he shares tips on sales hiring and onboarding. Why should you take him seriously? Because he helped many SaaS companies hit high hire rates!

12. Lori Richardson

30,320 Followers | LinkedIn profile

Lori Richardson is one of the leading women sales professionals. She founded Score More Sales to help B2B sales teams solve issues and reach higher sales productivity. Her focus is on various industries, including SaaS.

Her LinkedIn content gives you sales training ideas, tips on sales development, and valuable insight into sales strategy. Lori knows how a company can grow revenue, so she also shares her advice on this topic.

13. Chris Walker

118,127 Followers | LinkedIn profile

Chris Walker differs from other LinkedIn sales influencers. Most sales leaders give tips without considering they might not work for all companies and in all situations. 

Chris knows every business is different, so he’s willing to find the perfect recipe for all.

He posts videos and text-based content. Whenever he mentions a new sales strategy, he has data to prove why it would work. Chris writes about demand generation, revenue model optimization, and other sales topics.

14. Sarah Brazier

56,641 Followers | LinkedIn profile

Sarah is a sales trainer who has worked at numerous companies. She now provides training to businesses and individuals to help them hit quota, level up, and get more wins. She believes you should humanize sales to reach your goals.

On LinkedIn, Sarah talks about sales training, reveals the latest industry trends, and gives personal insights. 

She isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, often using humor to present an issue and give a solution. It’s no wonder she has over 50k followers who engage with her content weekly.

If you need any sales development tips, you can send her a message or even leave a comment on her post. She continuously interacts with her community.

15. Scott Barker

41,191 Followers | LinkedIn profile

Scott works as a GTM advisor at companies like Pavilion and Kadena. He is an expert in sales and lead generation. He’s made many connections in the sales world and often features them in the GTM Podcast.

Scott believes you must build scalable sales processes and have empathy to succeed. He is a sales strategist who offers valuable webinars for B2B salespeople. 

If you want to improve your processes, he is one of the LinkedIn sales influencers you should follow.

16. James Buckley

29,132 Followers | LinkedIn profile

James Buckley is a sales content creator who hosts Sell Better. He invites talented salespeople to discuss topics like relationship building and cold calling. 

They examine different approaches to help you choose the right one for your business.

James provides tips and tactics to help sales development representatives grow. Everything he shares is practical – you can implement these tactics in your company.

17. Kyle Coleman

90,386 Followers | LinkedIn profile

Kyle is a sales and marketing leader who serves as a Senior Vice President at Clari. He also worked in sales development, identifying and connecting with leads. 

It’s no wonder that people regard him as one of the best sales influencers on LinkedIn.

He covers personal and professional growth, sales development, prospecting, and email marketing. Kyle isn’t afraid to talk about other things like work-life balance. 

Most importantly, you never get the same content from Kyle—he mixes it up and engages you.

18. Bec Holland

41,081 Followers | LinkedIn profile

Becc Holland is a CEO & Founder of Flip the Script – free sales training library and sales consultancy boutique. 

Becc is a brilliant professional, able to not only understand complex cross-functional problems but to translate them into digestible, practical, how-tos.

19. Marcus Chan

53,277 Followers | LinkedIn profile

Marcus is the President and Founder of Venli Consulting, 2 x Salesforce Top Influencer, and a WSJ bestselling author. He knows how to sell, how to coach, and how to train too. Since 2019 he's been on a mission to help sales professionals boost their performance with his Six Figure Sales Academy. His Youtube channel has a lot of great content.

20. Hannah Ajikawo

14,970 Followers | LinkedIn profile

Hannah helps startups get their GTM strategy right and market-leading organizations transform their RevOps and enablement. She's also a director at Sistas in Sales, a 4k community of black, Asian, and LatinX women that partners with companies to aid change in the industry. She regularly posts engaging content and hosts LinkedIn Live sessions.

21. Jen Allen

19,503 Followers | LinkedIn profile

Jen was one of the prominent people at Challenger until recently. She sold Challenger training for 4 years and the last 12 months were spent on demand growth as Chief Evangelist. She's now starting Social Social (a community for content creators), and her tactical advice is very much up-to-date and easy to apply.

22. Thibaut Souyris

22,729 Followers | LinkedIn profile

Thibaut trains sales teams. His weekly newsletter “Tactical Selling” and regular LinkedIn posts are essential readings for anyone looking to make more appointments and improve their sales process. He's also the co-host of the B2B Sales Podcast and has a number of playbooks available. Every week, Thibaut posts insightful LinkedIn content.

23. Mafalda Johannsen

6,700 Followers | LinkedIn profile

Mafalda Johannsen is a rising star in the Linkedin sales community. Mafalda is Wonderway's Director of Business Development and Customer Success.

Every week, Mafalda Johannsen is interviewing different buyer personas to understand how they think and what makes them tick. This weekly show called "Day in a life of.." becoming more and more popular among SDRs and BDs, because it's giving a lot of insights.

B2B sales influencers: Wrapping up

The best sales influencers on LinkedIn were in your shoes once. They know that the sales world might appear daunting and scary at first. However, if you listen to their advice, you won’t make the mistakes they did.

We suggest you follow these people to improve your B2B sales tactics, processes, and strategies. 

FAQs about sales influencers

Who is an influencer in sales?

Influencers in sales are highly knowledgeable individuals who use social media to share their insights, strategies, and tactics for improving sales. 

They can provide actionable advice on how to make the most of your efforts and maximize your results. From crafting the perfect pitch to closing the deal, influencers in sales can be your go-to source for all your sales-related needs. 

With their help, you can learn how to use the latest tools and strategies to succeed in your sales endeavors. 

How do influencers drive sales?

Sales influencers can use their influence to promote products and drive sales by sharing information with followers. It can include sharing product reviews, posting photos or videos of themselves using the products, and providing special promotions or discounts for their followers. 

What makes a good sales leader?

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