Mafalda Johannsen

Business Development Director

🙋 Named after a cartoon ("Mafalda" from Quino), Mafalda is working in sales for quite some time now in Florida (USA), Belgium and in Germany, B2C and B2B, for different industries (media, tourism, tech).

🚀 Currently, Mafalda works as a Business Development & Customer Success Director for Wonderway. Mafalda’s duties range from managing the two departments to collaborating with the Marketing department by hosting sales webinars and workshops.

👩‍🏫 Mafalda believe that, like any other skill like singing or playing sports, anyone can learn how to sell as long as they have the right training and tools. Having that in mind, since March 2020, during her free time, Mafalda teaches prospection techniques to people who suddenly were made redundant to help them find a job. Mafalda also co-manages a jazz fusion music band called Plasticine (check them out on Instagram: where she’s in charge of their PR&Marketing.

👩‍🎤 Mafalda owns 140+ snowglobes (yes, those globes with water and fake snow that you buy as souvenirs when you travel), loves reading, writes theater plays and song lyrics for a professional musician, plays the transverse flute, and also appears as an actress in a couple of video clips.

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